Transactions History in Digital Timestamps

01 April 24

Imagine having the ability to notarize your intellectual property instantly and affordably, avoiding lengthy legal processes. No need to imagine any longer; with Digital Timestamps, you can do just that. Our service offers a unique solution for storing an encrypted fingerprint of your work on the blockchain, providing an indisputable proof of ownership.

One of the greatest assets of Digital Timestamps is its ability to create unique digital signatures, safeguarding your files against any form of tampering. These signatures stand as a testament that the contents of a file have remained unaltered since its original version. Quick and efficient, our service processes timestamps in a flash, saving you valuable time while ensuring your intellectual property's security.

What sets Digital Timestamps apart is its integration with the transparent and publicly auditable Bitcoin blockchain. This ensures that every transaction, every timestamp, and every file processed are recorded and can be verified easily. The transaction history feature allows you to track and understand every operation performed on your files, granting you full control and visibility over your intellectual property.

Accessing your transaction history is quite simple. The list of processed files, their timestamp proofs, and your transaction history are readily available. This feature provides you with a digital paper trail of your intellectual property, which can be crucial in situations where proof of ownership is required. Furthermore, verifications are free, meaning anyone can verify a file without needing an account, adding an extra layer of transparency and security.

At just $2.50 per file, Digital Timestamps offers a cost-effective solution for safeguarding your intellectual property. The advantages are clear: near-instantaneous timestamp processing, file integrity, and easy access to transaction history. Digital Timestamps is not just a service; it's a smart investment in the protection of your ideas, documents, and videos.

Whether you're a creator, entrepreneur, or simply someone who values their intellectual property, Digital Timestamps is an essential tool in your arsenal. Embrace the future of IP protection today with Digital Timestamps.